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Welcome To The Homework Page!

 On this page you will find three sections for homework.

The first section is weekly homework.  This includes vocabulary words for reading, math, science/social studies and the signature slip for math flashcard practice.

The second section is extra practice for reading and math.  There are reading comprehension passages, grammar work, and math worksheets.

The third section is challenge homework.  The challenge homework is optional and student led.  I do not assign when the student begins or finishes this work, it is at their own pace.  I am always available, though, to answer any questions or help students find information for their projects.


Weekly Vocabulary Homework

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
2014-2015 Vocabulary WordsKristine Koch 5/20/2014147.45 KBDownload

Grammar Practice Worksheets

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AdjectivesKristine Koch 5/20/2014379.08 KBDownload
AdverbsKristine Koch 5/20/201436.07 KBDownload
AnalogiesKristine Koch 5/20/2014103.80 KBDownload
AntonymsKristine Koch 5/20/201455.92 KBDownload
PluralsKristine Koch 5/20/201467.17 KBDownload
PredicatesKristine Koch 5/20/201444.21 KBDownload
PrefixesKristine Koch 5/20/201431.23 KBDownload
Similar or OppositeKristine Koch 5/20/2014129.61 KBDownload
VerbsKristine Koch 5/20/201493.80 KBDownload

Reading Comprehension Worksheets

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Math Flashcard Signature Slip

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Math Flashcard Signature SlipKristine Koch 10/30/2012223.24 KBDownload

Math Practice Worksheets

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Base 10 Blocks Kristine Koch 11/8/201230.91 KBDownload
Basic Fact Practice 1Kristine Koch 11/8/201214.49 KBDownload
BorrowingKristine Koch 1/24/2014362.13 KBDownload
CarryingKristine Koch 1/24/2014347.49 KBDownload
Greater Than/Less Than, 2 DigitKristine Koch 11/8/201246.10 KBDownload
Greater Than/Less Than, 3 DigitKristine Koch 11/8/2012223.24 KBDownload
Money Kristine Koch 11/8/2012223.24 KBDownload
Money 2Kristine Koch 11/8/20127.72 KBDownload
Number WordsKristine Koch 11/8/2012223.24 KBDownload
Number WordsKristine Koch 11/8/201226.00 KBDownload
Place Value Kristine Koch 11/8/201295.45 KBDownload
RoundingKristine Koch 11/19/2012636.95 KBDownload
Telling Time by 5 MinutesKristine Koch 11/8/201210.09 KBDownload
Telling Time by Half HourKristine Koch 11/8/201210.19 KBDownload

Challenge Homework

The options below are for you to choose from for your homework assignment.  Once you have chosen your assignment print the rubric and directions that will tell you how your project needs to be completed and how it will be graded. Once you have this you may begin.  This is completed at your own pace, when you are done, bring in your work to be graded and presented to the class. 


The grade will not count toward your report card grades, but as extra credit.




Webquests are fun, internet based, scavenger hunts!  Click on the link below to be redirected to tons of great nonfiction activities.


Research Project


Would you like to learn more about your favorite singer? movie star? animal? or food?  For the research project you can do it on anything you want!  You can use books from the library or the research links below (passwords provided at the bottom of this page). 

Note: Wikipedia is NOT a reliable resource for your research project.


When you have finished your research project you will present your information with any of the options below.  If you would like to present your project in a different way, just let me know what you would like to do and we will create a rubric for grading.

Making a Brochure Rubric and Guidelines

Making a Game Rubric and Guidelines

Making a Poster Rubric and Guidelines

Science Experiment Rubric and Guidelines


Complete a Science Experiment


The links below have some great science experiments for elementary students.  When you have finished you will present you project and a summary of your findings in a paper and present it to the class.

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Research Websites PasswordsKristine Koch 11/28/2012224.50 KBDownload