School Improvement Plan

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Omaha Public Schools

School Improvement Plan 2015-16

Elementary School:  Dundee Elementary School

Growth Goals


Goal Area: Mathematics

Focus Skill(s): Number Sense

Strategy:  Number Talks and Gradual Release with skills groups during guided and independent practice while using Engagement Strategies.  Use of Acuity to support skills groups.

Measurable Objective (growth goal): All subgroups will increase their NeSA-M scores by 5%. The percentage met/exceeded expectations on the NeSA-M will increase from 81.3% to 86.3%.



Goal Area: Reading

Focus Skill(s): Comprehension

Strategy: Guided Reading with a focus on increased use and frequency of leveled texts, engagement strategies (Kagan) to support higher level questioning, use OPS resources such as the Continuum, prompting guides, etc., to support questioning, Acuity, Imagine Learning.

Measurable Objective (growth goal): The percentage met/exceeded on the NeSA-R will increase from 89.8% to 90.87%.


Goal Area: Writing

Focus Skill(s): Ideas, Organization, Sentence Fluency, Voice, Word Choice and Conventions

Strategy: Gradual Release with the implementation of Writer’s Workshop format.

Measurable Objective (growth goal): The percentage of students who met/exceeded expectations on the NeSA-W will increase from 61.54% to 70%.


Goal Area: Climate (indicated by Climate Survey data)

Focus: All students, regardless of ethnicity, are treated with respect at this school.

Strategy: Character Counts lesson - respect

Measurable Objective (growth goal): On the SSDS climate survey, the area of “All students, regardless of ethnicity, are treated with respect at this school” answered by students will increase from 76.7 points to 80 points.