Dundee's Mission

The Dundee Elementary School Mission is to:

  • Educate all students to their maximum academic and social potential
  • Provide an intentionally inviting, safe environment, focusing on the strengths of cultural diversity
  • Develop respect, responsibility, and resourcefulness
  • Promote parental and community involvement

Community Description

Dundee Elementary has a rich history of academic excellence and strong community involvement.  In May 2004, the school celebrated 100 years of teaching and learning in Omaha, Nebraska.  In November 2005, Dundee was named as a National No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon School.  The staff, parents, and students of the Dundee Elementary School community are proud to carry on the tradition of high standards of student achievement begun over 100 years ago.

Dundee serves a diverse student body in kindergarten through sixth grade.  The gifted and talented, special education, English as a Second Language, and the services of a school counselor are some of the programs that supplement and support the regular classroom instruction.  An active parent-teacher association and community business partners collaborate to provide expertise and material resources that support and enhance the learning opportunities for students.  Parent volunteers play an important role in supporting the activities of the school.  Parents participate in a wide range of roles:  room parents, extra help on field trips, book fair help, materials preparation for teachers, and listening to children read.  Dundee Elementary School’s parent-teacher association has developed and sponsored a number of after-school opportunities that include:  science club, chess club, sports club, book club, garden club, foreign language instruction, and American Sign Language.  Evening family events provide a time for parents to enjoy learning with their children.   Yearly events include:  Welcome Back to School Night, Curriculum Night, Open House, Reading Night, Math Night, Science Night, Craft Night, and the Valentine’s Day Sock Hop.

The success of Dundee students is due in large part to the quality of relationships among adults at the school.  Teachers and support staff are joined in the shared vision of providing the best possible educational setting for each child.  Skilled, committed teachers believe in the potential of their students.  It is recognized that individual students have individual needs.  Reflective practices among teachers result in fine tuning and modifying instructional practices to follow research-supported best practices that meet the instructional needs of the student.  All teachers at Dundee participate in school-embedded professional development and attend professional conferences and workshops during the year. Many are currently pursuing advanced degrees.

Providing a safe, secure, and disciplined environment for learning is the goal behind the school’s character development program.  The character pillars of Citizenship, Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, and Caring are taught, practiced and celebrated. Staff, students and parents are proud of the tradition of excellence at Dundee Elementary School.  True to its mission, Dundee School fosters an “intentionally inviting” environment where every child can learn and develop to his or her greatest potential.