6th Grade Book Trailers

The 6th graders were able to create a book trailer using these five steps:

1. Watch the masters: We watched five different book trailers, student and professionally made, and assessed using a list of criteria. (Including Mrs. Milleson's example!)

2. Tell a story: We talked about the differents parts that make up a good trailer. The "hook" to capture the audience's attention, the "meat" or the basic plot of the story, and the "conclusion" to wrap it up without giving too much away. We wrote out scripts to guide our project.

3. Search for images: We used only copyright free images and a cover of the book. We made sure to cite our sources and give credit where credit is due.

4. Use the right tool for the right job: We all received Animoto student accounts and were able to choose our own theme, music, and type in text to go along with our book. We had to make sure the theme and music "fit" the book.

5. Ready, set, launch: We shared our videos with the class and were able to vote for our favorites. The winners (seen below) were chosen by the students. We voted for: Best trailer, best "hook", best images, most dramatic, and best comedy!

Enjoy these winners from the 6th Grade classes!

Book Trailers

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