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Welcome to ELL!


    Hello, my name is Ms. Ryan. I am the English as a Second Language Resource Teacher. I support students whose native languages are  languages other than English. I work with individual students and small groups of students, in addition to going into the classrooms to support the varied needs of our English Language Learners. My goal in working with our ELL students is to help prepare them to fully participate in their grade level curriculum.  It is a joy working with our English Language Learners and their families.     



* To develop an understanding of English that will allow each student to be mainstreamed into the regular English curriculum with optimal opportunities.


*To develop an awareness of the similarities and differences between the new culture and the student's own culture.


*To develop proficiency in the basic communicative skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening.


*To improve grammar skills and increase the English vocabulary.


*To help each student realize his/her maximum potential.


*To develop English communication skills to a level comparable to that of native speakers of English of the same age and ability.

*To encourage a positive identity and pride in the cultural heritage of participants in the program.


*To plan and encourage activities which encourage parents and/or community to be a part of the program and to be knowledgeable about the educational system of the Omaha Public Schools.