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Language Art Topics


1st Quarter

Stories: What is a Pal?, The Storm, Curious George at School, Lucia's Neighborhood, Gus Takes the Train, Jack and the Wolf, How Animals Communicate, and A Musical Day

Focus Skills: main idea, summarize, infer, predict, sequence of events, story structure, and details

Writing Focus

Mem Fox Author Study, The Writing Community, Getting Ideas

2nd Quarter

Phonics: clusters with "s", final clusters, digraph th, ch, tch, sh, wh, ph, long a

Stories: Dr. Seuss, A Cupcake Party, Sea Animals, How Leopard Gots its Spots, Seasons, The Big Race, Animal Groups

Focus Skills: questioning, author's purpose, story structure, sequence of event, cause and effect, conclusions, infer and predict.

Writing Focus

Getting Ideas and Telling More

3rd Quarter

Phonics: long "o", long "u", long "e", ai, ay, ow, r-controlled vowels

Stories: Let's Go to the Moon, The Big Trip, Where Does Food Come From, Tomas Rivera, Little Rabbits Tale, The Tree, Amazing Animals, Whistle for Willie

Focus Skills: main idea, cause and effect, author's purpose, summarizing, conclusions, contractions

Writing Focus

Writing Stories About Me and Writing Nonfiction


4th Quarter

Phonics: ou, ow, oi, oy, i, y, and igh

Stories: A Butterfly Grows, A New Friend, The Dot, What Can You Do?, The Kite, A Boat Disappears, Winners Never Quit,

Focus Skills: understanding characters, summarizing, compare and contrast, story structure, sequence of events

Reader’s Theater

Writing Focus:

Exploring Words Through Poetry, Opinion Writing, and Revisiting the Writing Community

The Daily 5

Throughout the year we will be using the Daily 5 as we work during the reading block.  The 5 components of the Daily 5 are; Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Word Work, and Work on Writing.

The students will be reading books from the reading series and books from our expansive book room that are on their reading level.  Everyday the students will work on writing through journaling and writing projects during the reading block.  They will complete different word work activities in the many literacy centers in the classroom.  They will be able to listen to books on CD at the listening center and have the opportunity to read to different partners.  These Daily 5 activities will help them to build on the comprehension, fluency and writing skills.