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I have been teaching at Dundee for over 20 years.  I have a double major in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from the University of Northern Iowa.


Kindergarten Sight Words to practice:

red    up      a       green    blue     did     white     me      go      at      come     three

six      it      an      nine     ten      went     brown     can      is      you      and      purple

so       on       in       orange   am       we       like     see      I        he      seven    girl

my       to       all      are      read     ball     will     boy      by       two      day      black

get      do       got      had      has      four     him     his      how      if       jump     look

not      now      of       then     out      play     put     ran      as      run      sat      saw

sit      or       say      this     too      over     was     no       be       yes      said     that

her     five    eight     the     eat     for     one     man     mom     they     she     have     

us     down     yellow     from


Supplies Needed


*Bulk sized snacks  

*Clorox wipes  


*Glue sticks  

*Alcohol-free hand sanitizer  

*Towel w/name on it for rest time  

*Oversize shirt w/name on it for Art  

*2-5oz containers of Play-doh  

*Expo dry-erase markers (skinny, colored)  

*Full sized backpack  

***our class also has an Amazon Wish List under Mrs. Lori Holland

Kdg. websites





We are collecting:

 BoxTops for Education (We are competing against the other classes to win a prize for the most!)  

Campbell's Soup Labels ( We are competing against the other classes to win a prize for the most!)

Pop Tabs

HyVee Receipts


***** Please ask neighbors, relatives, friends, etc. to help us collect these items!!!  It is much appreciated and helps our school!