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Some information about Mr. Nauj:

     Hello, my name is Bob Naujokaitis, but I also go by Mr. Nauj.  I shortened it for Dundee students and parents. I have taught 6th Grade since 1998.  Prior to teaching 6th Grade, I was the PAC Facilitator here.  I have always taught at Dundee and really appreciate my time here.  I grew up in Omaha, South Omaha to be exact; I went to Indian Hill Elementary School, then on to Bryan High.  I went to UNO and graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice.  I worked for Boys' and Girls' Clubs of Omaha for a long time, then I worked for CSG Systems.  I knew I always wanted to teach and when I had the opportunity to go back and get a teaching degree, I went for it.  I am married and  I have a  daughter, named Monica.    

I thought I would provide you with some more info about me, but in a list form.  So here it is:

Favorite Sport Teams:  Boston Celtics, Nebraska Cornhuskers, Creighton Blue Jays

Favorite Foods:  Pizza, Cheese Burgers, Runzas, Tacos and Cheese Cake and Ice Cream

Popular Music:  Country and Pit Bull --- yep - Pit Bull

Favorite Subjects to Teach:  Math and Reading