All-City Music Festival

The top half of the 6th Grade Chorus is chosen to attend.  Please return your permission slips as soon as possible.  Completed permission slips are required for participation.  Invitation to participate in this longstanding OPS tradition is a very big honor.   All-City 2016 concerts will be held over two days at the Teacher Administration Center (TAC), 3215 Cuming Street, Omaha, NE.  


Transportation is not provided for the Saturday rehearsal or the Sunday concert at the Teacher Administration Center.  Parents must provide the transportation.  Students should be in their assigned seats no later than 7:45AM on Saturday and 1:45 PM on Sunday.  Students should enter through the front doors on the east side of the building and report to their assigned room with arrival in the preceding ensembles rehearsal time. 


The concert will conclude with the performance of the Finale at approximately 3:00 PM.  Chorus students will not be excused prior to the conclusion of the Finale.


The concert will conclude at approximately 3:00 PM.  Music teachers will dismiss the students in an orderly way.   Parents should be sure their children have transportation immediately after the concert is over, approximately 3:00 - 3:15 PM.  Please arrange a meeting place to avoid confusion following dismissal.  As the South All-City Chorus and High School Choirs begin their concert at 4:30, traffic in the Teacher Administration Parking lot could get very conjested.  Please plan accordingly.

Location:       Teacher Administration Center (TAC)
Address:        3215 Cuming Street
Date:              Saturday & Sunday February 6th & 7th, 2016
Times:           Saturday Morning Rehearsal, from 8:00am - 8:40am

                      Sunday Afternoon Concert from 2:00pm - 3:00pm


Tickets will be limited to two (2) tickets per student due to the seating capacity of the TAC auditorium. Tickets will be $5 per seat and distributed through your child’s music teacher. Money must accompany your ticket request. Additional tickets MAY be available for each of the three concerts at the ticket booth in the TAC auditorium foyer. These will be on a first come first served basis.  Participants are admitted for free.


6th Grade Chorus - Girls in dresses or skirts and tops; boys in dress slacks and shirts/sweaters

Concert Selections for Chorus:

The Star Spangled Banner ~ Jubilate Deo ~ The Little Birch Tree ~ Riversong ~ From Sea to Shining Sea

Dundee Chorus


All-City 6th Grade Chorus

2014 ~ 2015
Angelese A.-P.
Sarah B.
Emma G.
Stevie H.
Ian M.
Liliana M.
Rachel T.
Chloe W.
Claire W.

2013 ~ 2014
Arian A.
Nathan A.
Mackinsey B.
Maggie C.
Oliver C.
Sorcha H.
Ryin H.
Patrick L.
Tillie M.
Eleanor D. ~ Wilson
Justus J. ~ Davis

2012 ~ 2013

Lydia B.
Samantha B.
Grace P.
Sarah C.
Dianna C.
Trinity F.-H.
Dominek H.
Gabriella R.
Veronica W.
2011 ~ 2012
Hannah A.
Pierce B.-J.
Lydia B.
Emma D.
Betsy F.
Steffanie H.
Emily H.
Lauryn N.
Colette S.
2010 ~ 2011
Malik A.
Julia B.
Dianna C.
Erica F.
Madison G.
Hannah G.
Grace H.
Maddie H.
Leah H.
Sacha H.
Olivia L.
Abby P.
Madison R.
Seth S.
Stephen S.
Claire T.
Tinca J. ~ Marrs
2009 ~ 2010
Sadiya E.
Lisa G.
Elliot J.
Emily K.
Emily P.
Nakiya W.
Breanna Z.
Rosa R. ~ Beals
2008 ~ 2009
Tessa B.
Elissa C.
Greg C.
Hannah C.
Jules C.
Frances J.
Mitra K.
Ronie L.
Grace S.
Amethyst W.
Chloe Z.
2006 ~ 2007
Kianna B.
Emily C.
Jose F.
Clara H.
Jaron K.
Spencer K.
Ellen M.
Logan M. - J.
Makayla M.
Annah S.
Mecca S.
Nyamal T.
Matt W.




South/Central Area Concert

All students in Band, Strings and Chorus in the 5th and 6th Grades perform.  Parents will need to arrange transportation to and from Norris Middle School on Thursday evening for their student participant for the concert.

Location:    Norris Middle School Gymnasium
Address:    2235 South 46th Street
Date:           Thursday, April 28, 2016
Times:        7:30 PM
Admission: $2.00 per person, except children preschool age through 6th grade will be admitted free when accompanied by an adult.


History and Mission

The Omaha Public Schools Elementary Area Concert Series was established in 1972 under the direction of Samuel Thomas, Coordinator of Music, and John Adams, Lillian Hoefener, and Jean Stutt, Supervisors of Music.  Dr. Owen A. Knutzen was the superintendent at the time of the first series.  These concerts provide opportunities for the chorus and instrumental students to demonstrate the musical skills they have developed during the school year in a large performance venue. 

The geographical boundaries of the district are divided into six areas; the schools within each area are designated and students enrolled in 5th/6th grade chorus, 5th-6th strings, and 5th-6th band comprises the performing groups.  Directors are selected from the music staff assigned to the buildings within the area.
We believe that music education is a vital part of the general education of all children.  It is an ongoing process as concepts, skills, and techniques are introduced and refined, measured or assessed.  Basic to the development of the young musician, is the need to play or sing in a performance, to contribute to the whole.  The primary assessment in music education is performance.  Through performance, children are guided in analyzing the music processes and elements that are required to bring a pleasurable experience to the performer and the audience.  In the instructional setting, OPS students enrolled in chorus and instrumental music prepare and rehearse in small groups.  In the concert setting, the benefit of the large choral or instrumental voicing, enhances the finished sound.   Therefore, the principal goal of the elementary area concert series is the experience, the performance itself, giving credence to the prior learning and practice.  The secondary benefit is that the performance provides an opportunity for the parents and community to witness the growth in their children’s musical development and understandings.

South/Central Area Schools

Belle Ryan
Field Club
Norris Middle School 6th
Wilson Focus


OPS District Chorus Guidelines

Chorus is available on an elective basis to all interested students in fifth and sixth grade.  A thirty-minute rehearsal is scheduled once a week in all elementary buildings.  These choruses traditionally perform for holiday occasions, PTA meetings, district-wide Area Elementary Concerts, and the All-City Music Festival.