Sing Around Nebraska

Sing Around Nebraska is an honor choir opportunity for elementary school students sponsored by the Nebraska Choral Director's Association (NCDA).  The members of NCDA are passionate about choral arts in Nebraska and organize yearly honor choirs at every academic level, from elementary, to middle school, to high school, to collegiate and community choruses.  NCDA strives to bring the best conductors not only from the entire state of Nebraska, but also from thoughout the United States, together to work with and educate our best singers and provide mentorship for their music teachers.

The elementary honor choir is called Sing Around Nebraska (SAN).  In even years, any music teacher in the state who wishes to participate may select 10 of the best singers from his/her school to be in a SAN choir.  These students get the opportunity to prepare a concert of challenging, quality literature with a local exemplary children's conductor in their area of the state.  This year, there are 12 concert sites all across the state and approximately 2500 of the best singers in the state registered to participate.  In odd years, Sing Around Nebraska is chosen by statewide audition.  For this event, only 150 students are chosen from the entire state.  These students got to work with a nationally known conductor at Nebraska Wesleyan University and the Rogers Fine Art Center in Lincoln.  This is Dundee's 11th year of participating in both of these events.

I choose to continue offering this opportunity to my students at Dundee, because I remember attending this event when I was a child and know it was one of the first "mountaintop" musical experiences in my own life.  It is very positive and was one of the the first places my musical gifts were really challenged and recognized.  I want this for our kids too.  Since we have begun participating, the feedback from students and their families has shown the excellence and importance of this event to be true and good for them as well.


Honor Choir Participants

SAN 2014-2015 (Lincoln/NWU) - Auditioned
Abby A.-S.
Flora G.
Sam W.
Drager N.
Liliana M.

MKMEA Honor Choir 2013 (Chicago) - Select

Sorcha H.

MKMEA Honor Choir 2012 (Omaha/Hilton) - Select
Sorcha H.
Justus J.
Lydia B.
Gabriella R.
Malaika O.


SAN 2012 (Omaha/Grace Univ.) - Select
Hannah G.
Gabi R.
Emma C.
Sarah C.
Betsy F.
Emma D.
Emily H.
Kaelynn C.
Colette S.

Lauryn N.

SAN 2011 (Lincoln/UNL) - Auditioned
Betsy F.
Justin B.
Erica F.
Sacha H.
Olivia L.

SAN 2010 - Select
Dundee did not participate. Miss Keebler got married and became Mrs. Andersen.

SAN 2009 (Lincoln/UNL) - Auditioned
Chloe Z.
Max L.
Jules C.

SAN 2008 (Omaha/Grace Univ.) - Select
Destinee T.
Chloe Z.
Max K.
Aidan H.
Sophia L.
Alexia C.
Audri M.
Jules C.

Lauri J.