OPS Music Electives

Chorus is available on an elective basis to all interested students in fifth and sixth grade.  A thirty-minute rehearsal is scheduled once a week in all elementary buildings.  These choruses traditionally perform for holiday occasions, PTA meetings, district-wide Area Elementary Concerts, and the All-City Music Festival.

The instrumental music program of the Omaha Public Schools services students from fourth grade to twelfth grade with instructional offerings in both band and orchestra.  Instruction is provided twice a week for thirty minutes periods.  An outcome based, sequential curriculum has been developed for each grade level of instruction.  Content standards relate to the following topics:  tone production, rhythm, instrumental literature, multicultural/non-sexist diversity, ensemble performance skills, and instrument care and maintenance.  District provided assessments (Criterion Referenced Tests or CRT’s) are administered twice yearly to evaluate student progress.

String instruction begins in the fourth grade.  Students may learn to play violin, viola, cello, and string bass.  Beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes are offered at each building.  The intermediate string program emphasizes a note reading approach to music instruction beginning in the fourth grade.  The method study used district-wide is Essential Elements for Strings, published by Hal Leonard.

Brass, woodwind and percussion instruction begins in fifth grade.  Brass and woodwind instruction includes the following instruments:  flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, and baritone horn.  Percussion students begin with mallets, and progress to the snare drum during the second semester.  Instruction in the elementary band classes emphasizes the development of performance skills and musical understanding based on method study found in Standard of Excellence, published by Kjos Publishing Company.  Instruction is culminated with a performance at an Area Elementary Concert.

The Omaha Public Schools Mini-Singers is a chorus made up of 60 unchanged voices.  Rehearsals are held after school on a weekly basis.  Students in grades five through eight are chosen from district-wide auditions (60 OPS elementary schools) to participate in the Mini-Singers program.  Student members must demonstrate strong leadership and citizenship qualities and must be in good standing in their respective schools.  The chorus reflects both musical talent and racial/gender balances of the district.  This chorus represents the Omaha Public Schools at a variety of events and activities.
Harp instruction is offered at  Catlin, Beveridge, the fine arts magnets and in the HS if interest is indicated.   Weekly lessons are given during the school day or after school depending on the availability of students.  Accomplished harpists provide instruction.  An All-City Harp Recital is scheduled in May of each school year.

Summer school instrumental music is offered at various middle school locations throughout the district on a self-supporting basis.  Instruction includes beginning and advanced orchestra and band classes.  Enrollment is open to elementary and middle level students. 

In 2008, after a thirty-one year hiatus, the Omaha Public Schools music department re-established the summer musical.  Students from third grade through graduated seniors are offered the opportunity to audition for the musical.  Instruction is provided by the OPS music staff and offers the students the possibility of apprenticing in the various components of musical theatre, such as choreography, sound design, tech and lighting, costume design/coordinator, marketing and student stage manager.

Talented instrumental students, who desire an advanced orchestra experience, are encouraged to audition for one of the many orchestras that make up the Omaha Area Youth Orchestra program.  Membership in one of the elementary string orchestras is by recommendation of their respective string teachers.  Membership in the advanced groups is through competitive audition during April and May of each calendar year.  The Omaha Public Schools supports the Omaha Area Youth Orchestra program both financially and in providing rehearsal space.  A Board of Directors, made up of educators, Omaha Symphony Guild representatives, parents and citizens at large, provide direction and support for the orchestra program.  Orchestras include, Elementary String Orchestras, All-Star Elementary Orchestra, the Philharmonic Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra, and the Symphony Orchestra.


OPS Music Events

2015 - 2016

DATE                     EVENT                                                      LOCATION                             TIME

Sept. 29                 Omaha Marching Exhibition                      Omaha Central HS Stadium   7PM

Oct. 17                   Omaha Marching Invitational                    Omaha Burke HS Stadium      TBA

Oct. 22                   Mini-Singers Symphony Spooktakular      Holland Center                         2PM

Oct. 22-24              Northwest HS Musical "Zombie Prom"      Northwest HS Auditorium        F&S 7PM, Sun 2PM

Oct. 24                   Nebraska State Bandmasters Comp.        Buehl Millard Stadium             all day

Oct. 29-31              South HS Musical "Footloose"                   South HS Auditorium              7PM

Nov. 19-21             All-State Band/Choir/Orchestra                 UNL/Lied Center/Lincoln        

Dec. 8                   Northwest HS Vocal Concert                     Northwest HS Auditorium         6:30PM

Dec. 8                   South HS Vocal Concert                           South HS Auditorium                7PM

Feb. 23                 Northwest HS Vocal Concert                     Northwest HS Auditorium         6:30PM

Mar. 1                   South HS Vocal Concert                           South HS Auditorium                7PM

Apr. 7                     OPS Mini-Singers Spring Concert            TAC Auditorium                        7PM

Apr. 3                   South HS Pops Concert                            South HS Auditorium                7PM

May 10                 South HS Show Choir Concert                  South HS Auditorium                7PM


Private Music Instruction

Whether you are seeking private instruction in dance, piano, voice, guitar or other instruments, there are many resources available to help you locate a suitable teacher for your child.  The following is a list of resources I have accessed.  If you are an instructor and would like to be included on this list, please send me your information, and I would be happy to do so.  Music stores, universities with Music departments, and word of mouth are also all reliable sources of information on available instructors. 

This site has a search feature by zip code. 
It is a comprehensive database of Omaha music instructors.

Julie Crotty Guile

Julliard trained, and gives both voice and piano lessons. 
4187 Cass St. 68131             



Music Honors

OPS Mini-Singers
  1. Sophia A., 5th Grade
  2. Catera A., 6th Grade
  3. Isabel C.-O., 6th Grade
  4. Clara C., 5th Grade
  5. Emma C.-S., 5th Grade
  6. Oliver C., 8th Grade
  7. Dillon G., 8th Grade
  8. Madeline G., 5ht Grade
  9. Lydia O., 5th Grade
  10. Flora G., 6th Grade
  11. Grace R., 5th Grade
  12. Tyjae' S., 6th Grade
  13. Chloe W., 7th Grade
  14. Joslyn S., 5th Grade
  15. Bowen S., 5th Grade
  16. Audrey T., 5th Grade

"Big Fish" OPS Summer Musical Cast
Summer 2015

Liliana M. - Lewis & Clark MS

Lauren Niemants

All-City Music Festival 6th Grade Chorus 2014-2015
  1. Angelese A. - P.
  2. Sarah B.
  3. Emma G.
  4. Stevie H.
  5. Ian M.
  6. Liliana M.
  7. Rachel T.
  8. Chloe W.
  9. Claire W.

NMEA Sing Around Nebraska
Auditioned State-Wide Honor Choir 2014

Abby A.- S., 5th Grade

Flora G., 5th Grade

Liliana M., 6th Grade

Drager N., 5th Grade

Sam W., 5th Grade



Special Events

DUNDEE VOCAL MUSIC CALENDAR                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Intermediate Vocal Showcase – Fall Music Program
Compose Yourself byJohn Jacobson and Alan Billingsley

All students in grades 4-6 perform. 

Location:    Dundee Elementary School Gymnasium
Address:    310 North 51st Street
Date:          Thursday, November 12, 2014
Times:        9:30 AM and 2:30 PM
In order to better accommodate parking and seating, we suggest that those with last names beginning with the letters A-M attend the morning performance and those with last names beginning with the letters N-Z attend the afternoon performance.

All-City Music Festival 2016

The top half of the 6th Grade Chorus is chosen to attend.  Please return your permission slips as soon as possible.  Completed permission slips are required for participation.  Invitation to participate in this longstanding OPS tradition is a very big honor.   All-City 2016 concerts will be held over two days at the Teacher Administration Center (TAC), 3215 Cuming Street, Omaha, NE.  


Transportation is not provided for the Saturday rehearsal or the Sunday concert at the Teacher Administration Center.  Parents must provide the transportation.  Students should be in their assigned seats no later than 7:45AM on Saturday and 1:45 PM on SundayStudents should enter through the front doors on the east side of the building and report to their assigned room with arrival in the preceding ensembles rehearsal time.


The concert will conclude with the performance of the Finale at approximately 3:00 PM.  Chorus students will not be excused prior to the conclusion of the Finale.


The concert will conclude at approximately 3:00 PM.  Music teachers will dismiss the students in an orderly way.   Parents should be sure their children have transportation immediately after the concert is over, approximately 3:00 - 3:15 PM.  Please arrange a meeting place to avoid confusion following dismissal.  As the South All-City Chorus and High School Choirs begin their concert at 4:30, traffic in the Teacher Administration Parking lot could get very conjested.  Please plan accordingly.

Location:       Teacher Administration Center (TAC)
Address:        3215 Cuming Street
Date:              Saturday & Sunday February 6th & 7th
Times:           Saturday Morning Rehearsal, from 8:00am - 8:40am

                      Sunday Afternoon Concert from 2:00pm - 3:00pm


Tickets will be limited to two (2) tickets per student due to the seating capacity of the TAC auditorium. Tickets will be $5 per seat and distributed through your child’s music teacher. Money must accompany your ticket request. Additional tickets MAY be available for each of the three concerts at the ticket booth in the TAC auditorium foyer. These will be on a first come first served basis.  Participants are admitted for free.


6th Grade Chorus - Girls in dresses or skirts and tops; boys in dress slacks and shirts/sweaters

Concert Selections for Chorus:

The Star Spangled Banner ~ Jubilate Deo ~ The Little Birch Tree ~ Riversong ~ From Sea to Shining Sea

Omaha Symphony Orchestra & Carnegie Hall LinkUP!  Recorder Concert

All Fourth Grade students attend.  Fourth grade students from across the Omaha Metro area get to learn about reading music and performance practices for instrumentalists through this wonderful program.  Carnegie Hall produces a quaility recorder curriculum and books for each year's program.  The Omaha Symphony provides the accompaniment, guest artists and teacher training in addition to coordination of this program on the local level.  The Sherwood Foundation generously provides a grant which covers the costs of participation in this program for OPS schools.  The Sherwood Foundation purchases the book, recorder, carrying case and neck strap that each student uses and gets to keep and also underwrites our busing funding.  In addition to being a new and exiting way to apply the literacy skills  we've been learning in our music classroom, it is also a great way for a student to determine his/her aptitude and desire to continue with a brass or woodwind instrument upon entering 5th grade next year.  This is Dundee's seventh year in the program.

Location:    The Holland Center

Address:     1200 Douglas Street

Date:           March 2, 2016

Times:         9:45am

Admission:  Parents may purchase tickets 30 minutes prior to the concert at the Holland Center Box Office.  The tickets are $5 each and they accept cash only.  Parents will not be seated with the students.


South/Central Area Concert
All Dundee students in Band, Strings and Chorus in the 5th and 6th Grades attend.  Parents will need to arrange transportation to and from Norris Middle School on Thursday evening for their student participant for the concert.  

Location:       Norris Middle School Gymnasium
Address:        2235 South 46th Street
Date:              Thursday, April 28, 2016 
Times:           Rehearsals during the school day for student participants at Norris MS, Chorus in the morning, Band & Strings in the afternoon
                      7:30pm Concert
Admission:   $2, tickets available at the door and also in advance from Mrs. Andersen. 
                       Those 6th Grade and younger can enter
                       for free when accompanied by an adult.

Concert Selections for Chorus:

The Star Spangled Banner ~ Let Me Fly ~ El Vito ~ Child of the Universe ~ Jubilate Deo

Primary Vocal Showcase – Spring Music Program

All students in grades K-3 perform.  

Location:    Dundee Elementary School Gymnasium
Address:    310 North 51st Street
Date:          Thursday, May 5, 2016
Times:        9:30 AM and 2:30 PM
In order to better accommodate parking and seating, we suggest that those with last names beginning with the letters A-M attend the morning performance and those with last names beginning with the letters N-Z attend the afternoon performance.