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Current Events Example

Dear Parents,


        The first Friday of each month, the third graders in Room 208 will have Current Events.  Our first one will be in September.  Current Events are due the day before we will present them.  This allows me to have time to read through them before they are shared with the class. 

        For this assignment, students need to bring an age appropriate article from a magazine, the Internet, or the newspaper, and write or type 5 sentences and a brief reflection about it to share with their classmates. 

        This is an assignment and I would like all students to participate.  If a student does not have an article to share, they will work to complete one during Homework Club that day.  Students need to turn in the article and their written facts. If you do not have access to an article for your child, please let me know and I can provide one for them.

        Below is an example of how a Current Event should look.  Please read through the article with your child and help them to summarize the main points into 5 sentences on a separate sheet of paper and attach it to the article.  Below the 5 facts student need to write a 1-2 sentence reflection telling why they chose the article and what they liked about it.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.   


***Students may turn in more than one article and summary at a time for use at a future date.


Example:  article taken from


Humane Society workers brought Ali the beagle to the Gingerbread House Preschool at West Center Road and Bob Boozer Drive in Omaha.

The Pennies For Pets program was part of a lesson and teachers said the children learned about giving back to the community. “We have PAWS come out and that really gets them so they can see the results of what they did,” said teacher Arnell Petrzilka. “It's awesome, it's a good learning experience for them."  Through the spare change, the school managed to raise $100. The kids also contributed blankets, towels and food for Ali and the other Humane Society animals.


1.      Ali the beagle was brought by the Humane Society to a preschool.


2.      The preschoolers had been learning about how to give back to their community.


3.      The school collected pennies to donate the money to the Humane Society.


4.      They raised $100.00


5.      The students also collected supplies and food for the Humane Society


Personal Reflection:


I chose this article because I love animals and I think the Humane Society is a great place.  I went there to adopt a dog with my family 3 years ago.