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Field Trips

Field Trips

In third grade, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to attend several fieldtrips.  Below is a list of annual fieldtrips
we do:

1) Mormon Pioneer Trail-

This trip reinforces what the students learn in our first Social Studies unit.  The students learn about early Omaha history in the 1800's.  The center is free to all visitors and does a wonder job of exposing the students to new information.

2) Rose Theater Workshop-

Our third graders get to attend a full day theater workshop at The Rose.  They will get to tour the facility, learn about its rich history, and star in their own play for the other classes.

3) OCM Lock-In

The lock in at the Omaha Children's Museum is a celebration of all the learning throughout the third grade year!  On a Friday night in the Spring, the third graders are invited to attend a lock - in at the Omaha Children's Museum with their friends, teachers, and any brave parent volunteers.  The cost to attend is about $15 for students and $7 for adult volunteers.  Stipends are available to families who need them.